Welcome to Southwicke Square Cooperative!

Are you tired of looking at high priced apartments, and frustrated at having to give your hard earned money to difficult landlords. Or perhaps you're among the growing number of working families that are fed up with the constant attention that owning a house demands. Has lawn care, maintenance or repairs got you down?

Get rid of the daily hassles that go with owning a conventional home. Whether you are buying or renting you'll want to take a good look at this new and exciting alternative. Kick back and enjoy your leisure time, living and owning at Southwicke Square Cooperative community!

Remember, home values increase as years go by. While you live like never before, your investment in a Southwicke Square Townhouses keeps on growing!

Please visit the Unit Information page to see the list of available units ready and prepped to be moved in! Call the office for more information on exactly what units are available for residence!