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Southwicke Square is many things to many people. To some it's the convenient location. To others it's the wide variety of floor plans to choose from. To many it's the quality construction. But, to all it's the outstanding amount of living space at such a low monthly cost. SSC is a townhouse cooperative specifically built to fit your family needs with all the advantages of home ownership that is less than rentals. One, two and three bedroom townhouses are ideally designed for any size family.

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Included with each townhome:

Large living rooms, spacious bedrooms, abundant close space, family size kitchen and dining areas are yours. Your full basement can be your recreation room, hobby shop, laundry room and storage area. Each townhouse is separated by thick wall of block construction ensuring fire protection. Your kitchen will include custom cabinets, formica counters, range hood, disposal and refrigerator. Also, there is luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting, full insulation, insulated windows and screen for most windows, large sliding glass door wall, economical gas heat, lifetime copper plumbing; in other words, everything you would build into your home if you were planning it!

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Membership Information:

To become a member of our Cooperative, and be able to live in our community, you should print & fill out the application from our website and schedule an appointment with a sales associate. Once the completed application is received, and the legal paperwork required by the Cooperative is submitted, a determination will be made if you qualify for membership and occupancy. The total cost to move in is a combination of the following: Application Processing fee - $40.00. This is a one time non-refundable fee.


The Membership Fees* are:

  • 1 Bedroom - $4,427.50 (estimated wait is 1-3 years)
  • 2 Bedroom 1 Bath - $4,990 (estimated wait is 9-12 months)
  • 2 Bedroom 1.5 bath - $5,402.50 (estimated wait is 9-12 months)
  • 3 Bedroom - $6,767.50 (estimated wait is 9-12 months)

    *Prices above reflect 2015 fees. All fees are subject to change

The Carrying Charge (Rent) is based on total income. Please call the office for further details and to see if you qualify.

- All income and family composition requirements will be reviewed again when your name is at or near the top of the list. If your income or family composition has changed, you may not qualify. Please notify this office if you have a change in family composition or income. False information provided verbally or on the application will result in denial of membership. Rejected applicants may not reapply for one year.

All persons choosing to live in Southwicke Square Cooperative must pay a membership fee at the closing of the unit. The membership fee purchases one share of stock in SSC, a non-profit corporation. This share of stock increases in value. The stock is refunded upon move-out if the unit is returned in the exact condition it was received and if you owe no other payments to the cooperative.

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